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The Wooden Nickel:  A World of Worry

The Wooden Nickel: A World of Worry

January 31, 2022

 These days can be really confusing. There are lots of things to make us worried:


Dealing With Covid:

Masks, Boosters, Vaccines, Schools, Businesses, Social Distancing, Mutations, Hospitals


The Economy:

Inflation, Global Supply Chains, Finding Workers, Finding Goods To Buy, Income Inequality


Raising Kids:

Remote Learning, Screen Time, Socialization, Vaccinations, Masking, Whether To Have Kids



Election Security, False Claims, January 6th, Polarization, Media, Lack Of Civility


Feeling anxious yet?

Ok, sorry for that. I’m guessing you think about a lot of these topics above EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I’m probably not saying anything new. The headlines, news feeds, tweets, and conversations are all around us, and making all of us (adults and kids) a little freaked out.  

There are a lot of things that make us anxious. I don’t have answers for these worries, but since I've now been around a little while, I can tell you that I am sure of a few things:

  • Whatever we worry about today will be replaced by other things tomorrow.
  • While it seems like things only get worse, they do, in fact, often get better.
  • We can change lots of things in our own lives; we have control.
  • Sometimes what we today see as mistakes will be valuable lessons for tomorrow. 

I am NOT saying problems just get solved on their own.  It takes work and commitment for a society to fix problems.  I'm only saying that the things we worry about tend to change as we fix problems and create new ones.

Skeptical?  Take a look at the lists below.  According to the pollsters at the Gallup organization, here are the topics Americans were most worried about over the past 25 years (the MOST worried-about topic is on the top of each column):

January 1997              January 2001             January 2005

Crime                          Moral Decline              Iraq War

Illegal Drugs              Education                    Health Care

Moral Decline             Crime                           Unemployment

Economy                     Government                Terrorism


February 2009            February 2014             January 2019

Economy                      Government               Government

Unemployment           Economy                     Immigration

Lack of money            Unemployment           Race Relations

Crime                           Healthcare                  Unifying the Country


And, most recently:


November 2021






Yes, there are some recurring themes, but every few years we seem to worry most about something different. “Crime” was the biggest worry in 1997, and today it’s not even in the top four. We’ve been concerned most about “Government” for a few years now, but it was hardly on the radar twenty-five years ago.

Our personal lives are probably like this, too. What was your biggest worry 25 years ago?  Would it even make the top four today? I don’t mean to downplay your worries back then or now; I’m sure they were/are serious and important.  I'm just observing that we eventually get rid of those worries and replace them with others.

We are, in our DNA, problem-solving machines. Not always, and not perfectly, but we, individually and collectively, find solutions to our problems over time once we truly decide to solve them.

Many people who know me accuse me of being overly optimistic. That’s fair; I sometimes put too much faith in our ability to address and solve our problems. My counter is that I simply point to the evidence all around us in the fields of medicine, technology, service, economic prosperity, equality, justice. I recognize that they all have negative issues associated with them: disease, social media, low wages, income distribution, racism, a broken justice system.

Yet we work through these obstacles and find ways to use problems to spur new solutions.

Without problems, we don’t work to make solutions. Nobody ever solves a problem before it becomes a problem! We don’t build roads to solve non-existent traffic jams. We don’t invent life-saving vaccines for diseases we haven’t seen. 

Look at the 1997 list again: while Crime, Illegal Drugs, Moral Decline and Economic issues all still exist, we have made massive progress on them relative to what they were back then.

Sure, we worry a lot about Government, Coronavirus, Economy, and Immigration today.  These issues seem intractable. Yet more people voted in 2020 than ever before, we developed lifesaving vaccines and treatments for Coronavirus, the economy is doing very well if not necessarily for everybody, and we are now realizing we need to promote legal immigration in a way that makes sense to everybody. Solutions are waiting for us to find them. 

Worry causes action. Let’s take action to solve these problems! Participate. Discuss. Support.  But don't throw up your hands in despair.  We are here to meet the moment we have been given.

There will be new things to worry about tomorrow.