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The Wooden Nickel:  TV Star

The Wooden Nickel: TV Star

May 21, 2020

I didn't seek this fame.  I never wanted to be a star.  

But now I have a YouTube channel!  Oh, great, you say, now even my financial planner is so vain that he feels he needs to plaster his face all over the world.

There is some truth to that.  I've written dozens of blog posts over the years and some of you have given me positive comments.  I decided to take it a step further and try to impart some wisdom about financial planning.  As I get older and my hair becomes grayer, I find that I am often asked by you about some basic financial planning concepts.  Perhaps you've confused my gray hair for wisdom, or perhaps you are being kind and want me to think you are interested in what I say.  Either way, you talked me into this.

So every week we'll send out a new video to anybody who wants to see it.  I've called it "90 Seconds of Wisdom" so that you know right off the bat you are going to only have to suffer for a minute and half.  There are no interminable ads, no industry jargon, and no production values.  Just me and a phone for 90 seconds.

Click HERE  for the link to 90 Seconds of Wisdom YouTube channel. (You can "subscribe" to it too!)

A lot of it will just be the basics.  However, I've found over the years that people don't get taught the basics of personal finance.  We are thrust into this working world armed with a rudimentary understanding of how to handle our money and are expected to make some fairly consequential decisions about what to do.  My goal is to stay pretty simple, which is one of the reasons I limit the videos to 90 seconds.  Let me tell you; it's really tough to be brief!

So please take a look and pass the videos along to others (your kids, your friends, your enemies) if you think they are worthwhile.  As I did with the blog posts (which I will still write), I will try to be entertaining.  

On a related note, we've added a bunch of new things technologically-speaking.  We now have lots of ways to communicate with you:

1)  Email  (

2)  Virtual Meetings via GoToMeeting  (schedule via Calendly HERE)

3)  Text (via MyRepChat 314-530-0333)

4)  Good old-fashioned phone  (314-576-1166 X211)

5)  The Wooden Nickel Blog (

6)  Website (  )

7)  Twitter  ( )

8)  Facebook ( )

9)  LinkedIn ( )

10)  Face-to-Face Meetings (this is what I look like 😛 but I'm wearing a mask these days 😷)

11)  And, of course, the new YouTube Channel HERE

Wow, that's a lot!  I didn't realize how many ways you can get in touch with us.  

I look forward to your feedback!