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Financial Fulfillment Planning

Why are you saving? What will give your money MEANING?

Look, we all want to manage our money competently. We do this because we want to achieve our goals, like educating our children, planning for the unexpected, making fabulous purchases, taking care of family and retiring comfortably. Why do we set these goals? To give us peace of mind that if we achieve these goals, we will be able to sleep at night.

That’s all great, but WHY? Why do we want to be smart with our money to achieve goals and give ourselves peace of mind? Because we want our lives to mean something!

We can’t take it with us. Our money and our stuff will still be here when we are gone. We plan goals and pursue them to give meaning to life. Money isn’t meaning; it’s what we DO with our money that has meaning, whether it’s raising our children, supporting our community, or enjoying our time here on earth. The only way that money will fulfill that need to give meaning is to use it in a way that is bigger than ourselves.


Why do I want to save money?
To achieve the goals we set to give ourselves the peace of mind to know that our lives have meaning. Money is not happiness: we can make ourselves profoundly sad by choosing poorly. We save money to give ourselves the opportunity to choose wisely. When we choose to use our money wisely, we can make our life or the lives of others better.

What’s the point of saving money?
Money=choice. The more money you have, the more choices you have. That’s the point of saving it, to give yourself the choice to make money meaningful.

Does money equal happiness?

Money doesn't equal happiness. However, it can help you buy things that make you happy. It can also provide security and peace of mind, which can lead to happiness. Money is just a tool, and it's up to each person to decide how to use it. Some people use their money to help others, while others focus on acquiring more and more for themselves. Ultimately, it's up to each person to determine what makes them happy and how they want to use their money in that pursuit.

Let us help you create a roadmap to help you make money meaningful!

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